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Glass in Paradise can custom design and install a glass shopfront to meet the highest quality standards, as is depicted on our gallery page. The Carindale Queens Plaza and the Chermside Westfield shopping centres are excellent examples of our skill, craftsmanship and experience in the area of glass shopfronts.

In these projects, glazing in 19mm clear toughened glass is supported off cantilevered glass fins (to maximise usable floor space below) with stainless steel spider patch fittings.

At Glass in Paradise, not only do we design, fabricate and install breathtaking shopfronts for businesses, but we also work with each business owner to determine your other needs. Keeping the available interior or exterior space to the shopfront is usually important and we will work with you to maximise both of these areas while still providing you with the glass shopfront that you desire. Since our glass shopfronts are custom designed, it gives us the ability to work around challenges and considerations that a business owner may face with their shopfront.

Why Choose a Glass Shopfront?

The reasons for choosing a glass shopfront are simple. A glass shopfront easily stands out when customers are approaching it, plus it enables potential shoppers to see what your shop has to offer before they enter it – which benefits a business in a couple of different ways. What you’re selling in your shop will engage customers if the products are able to easily be seen. In addition, if your business is closed for the day, people walking by are able to see what you have to offer and therefore may decide to return during normal business hours. A glass shopfront really provides an opportunity for extending marketing 24/7.

Another consideration to take into account is that since Glass in Paradise provides frameless glass shopfronts, you’re utilising your shopfront’s entire available space. Shopfronts that use framed designs are truly missing out as the framed parts easily block out the full view that customers could be given. In the event that a framed glass shopfront needs to be used, the experts at Glass in Paradise will ensure that your design will provide the best maximum view possible.

Types of Businesses That Should Consider a Glass Shopfront

Retail business owners often choose glass shopfronts, but a retail shop is only one kind of business that should consider glass shopfronts. Below, we’ve outlined a few different other types of businesses that may consider the beauty of a glass shopfront.

Think of how amazing it would be to have a glass shopfront for your restaurant or café? As customers walk by, they will easily be able to see all of the delicious food and beverages that your business has to offer. Or, if you run any type of small business; even if it’s administrative and you’re not selling products, people walking by can see your staff interacting with people and providing good customer service. An additional example would be a night club or bar as when people walk by on the street, they are able to see all of the fun and festivities going on inside of the establishment. And as a final example, glass shopfronts are perfect for automobile showrooms as they allow the dealer to show off new models, but also protect them any time day or night.

Not sure if a frameless glass shopfront is right for your type of business? Simply give the experts at Glass in Paradise a call so that we can get to know what goals you have for your shopfront and then come up with a collective plan and design that will be perfect for your business.


Benefits of Glass Shopfronts

Glass shopfronts have several benefits beyond the several that we’ve already listed, including:

* Glass shopfronts do not rust and are without the maintenance problems that other types of shopfronts may experience

* Glass shopfronts have the potential to increase property values

* Glass shopfronts can be fitted with several different styles and types of door systems


Glass Shopfront Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are glass shopfronts secure?

A: Yes. Glass in Paradise’s glass shopfronts are made of toughened glass and are commonly fitted with secure locking systems to ensure security. Since most glass shopfronts are custom designed, fabricated and installed, our professionals will help you design a system that’s both beautiful, functional and secure.

Q: Are glass shopfronts weather resistant?

A: Yes, our glass shopfronts are designed, fabricated and installed using weather resistant materials. Please contact us for specific details regarding weather ratings.

Q: What if my business is in a shopping centre or indoors?

A: Glass in Paradise can design, fabricate and install glass shopfronts for both businesses that have shopfronts on the street and businesses that have shopfronts in shopping centres or other indoor locations. Anywhere there is foot traffic, a glass shopfront is the perfect choice!


Why Choose Glass in Paradise for my Business’s Glass Shopfront?

Glass in Paradise is backed by years of experience specialising in glass shopfronts in Queensland, Australia. Our experts fully understand the needs of local business owners and what you’re looking to achieve with your glass shopfront. We also have years of experience designing, fabricating and installing glass shopfronts with full knowledge of environmental factors and challenges that some shop owners may face – such as being located close to the ocean or other waterways, or being located in areas that face extreme temperature changes throughout the year.

In addition to our experience, Glass in Paradise is also locally owned and operated. This means when you choose us for your glass shopfront needs, you work with the same team of professionals throughout your entire project. Glass in Paradise will work with you to design the glass shopfront of your dreams and then we’ll take care of the rest of the process, including all aspects of fabrication, installation and cleanup of the job site. By having one company that can be with you from beginning to the end during your glass shopfront project, you can ensure incredible service, a smooth process and cost saving benefits.

For all of your glass shopfront needs, contact the experts at Glass in Paradise today. Whether you’re just looking for more information or you’re ready to get started on your project, our professionals are ready to assist you!