Glass office partitions are a beautiful and effective way for your business to divide office space. Glass in Paradise can install all aspects of office partitions, including frameless and framed. We work around your design specifications to deliver a truly amazing end product, which completely satisfies all of your needs and desires.

We install our glass partitions in both commercial and domestic settings, which makes them the perfect choice for both large and small spaces, whilst meeting your design dreams. Glass in Paradise provides glass office partition installation services to businesses in Brisbane; on the Sunshine Coast and on the Gold Coast in Australia.

Benefits of Glass Office Partitions

One of the biggest myths about installing glass office partitions is that employees will be without privacy. However, Glass in Paradise can install frosted glass partitions, which lets the perfect amount of sunlight or office light shine through, while still giving employees the privacy that they want in their workspaces. Frosted glass office partitions are able to achieve the perfect balance of beauty, light and privacy, all wrapped up into one economical product. Examples of where frosted partitions would be utilised include between cubicles and partitions that divide individual office spaces.

For situations where privacy is not a concern, Glass in Paradise also offers standard glass office partitions (non-frosted). A couple of different examples where non-frosted partitions can be used includes reception areas and conference rooms. Both frosted and non-frosted office partitions are the perfect choice when you desire functionality and aesthetic appeal in your business’s office environment. A little privacy or a lot – the choice is completely up to you and the needs of your business’s office space.

Another benefit of glass office partitions is that they can be crafted to suit almost every style of décor found in your workplace. Whether your office is leaning towards old trends, traditional designs or you’ve recently updated to a newer contemporary style, glass office partitions will fit right in and complement existing architecture.
Additional benefits:
•    Glass office partitions enhance beauty and architecture – no matter what style your aiming to achieve
•    Glass office partitions can be crafted to fit most office spaces of all sizes and shapes
•    Glass partitions can give the illusion of a larger space, making the office look open and comfortable
•    Since glass office partitions allow natural light to come through, your office may be able to depend less on unnatural light
•    Installing glass office partitions oftentimes require little to no changes to the structure of the office space, making them a cost-effective choice compared to other partition types
•    The partitions can help reduce noise within the office

The Difference between Framed and Frameless Glass Office Partitions

There are two distinct types of glass office partitions: framed and frameless. Framed glass office partitions have metal brackets or frames in place to help reinforce the structure. Sometimes framed partitions are used just for the simple reason of wanting an “industrial” look. Frameless glass office partitions lack the metal frames or bars, giving an illusion of one large glass wall or partition. Frameless installations really provide a contemporary look that will carry your office space through the years.

How can Glass Office Partitions Help My Company Save Money?

Every client’s situation is different, based on how many glass partitions are installed; the pre-existing space they are being installed in and several other factors. However, there three different ways that glass office partitions can potentially help a business save money.

The first way that glass office partitions can possibly help save money is due to the extra natural light that they let through. Unnatural office light can not only have a negative effect on the vision of employees, but unnatural light is also highly expensive to power. With glass partitions installed, sunlight has the potential to naturally provide light to your office space. Natural light is easier on a person’s eyes and best of all, it’s free to use! If your office area does not receive a lot of natural sunlight, glass partitions can still enable poorly lit areas within your office space to be better lit and light to travel further. As an added bonus, when employees are more comfortable in their work environments, productivity tends to increase.

The second method in which glass office partitions can help save money is due to the installation requirements. Glass partitions typically do not require any structural changes to the space, which helps eliminate high installation costs. Other types of partitions often require additional framing or support systems to be put in place, which can raise the cost of the process and the end product.

Lastly, one of the major factors that companies should consider when choosing office partitions is durability. Glass is a very durable material which will stand the test of time, saving additional costs over the long term.

Where can Glass Office Partitions be Installed?

One of the best aspects about glass office partitions relates to versatility. They can be placed just about anywhere you desire space to be partitioned. Below you will find a few different areas where glass partitions can be installed in an office space:
•    Between cubicles (as either full partitions or as top dividers, which provide privacy while letting additional light through)
•    Around conference rooms
•    As office walls or fronts
•    Along corridors and hallways
•    Around and in reception areas

To see a few different examples of how other businesses have used glass office partitions, visit our gallery page and always feel free to contact us to discuss your design ideas. If you’re unsure of how glass office partitions can be used within your business’s space or you’re concerned about the design and style, the helpful staff at Glass in Paradise can show you how your dream design for your office can come alive, whilst adding the functionality that is needed.

Why Choose Glass in Paradise for your Glass Office Partition Needs?

Glass in Paradise is a family owned and operated local company. By working with us, you’re assured professional service by experienced glass experts. We offer a 12 month guarantee on all of our glass installation and replacement services, giving you peace of mind that we stand behind our services. Installation services strictly comply with Australian Standard AS1288 and our employees are continuously educated and trained to ensure that they are up to date with the latest regulations and industry standards.

Glass in Paradise – for all of your glass office partition needs in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, the Gold Coast and surrounding communities. Give us a call today to see what a difference glass office partitions can make!