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Your commercial windows expert on the Gold Coast

The experts at Glass in Paradise are industry fabrication and installation specialists of commercial aluminium windows for high end residential, architectural and commercial projects. Glass in Paradise can assist you at the design stage to ensure your project is constructed to the highest quality with the right product, on budget and on time. Glass in Paradise proudly serves the Queensland, Australia areas of Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast and constructs and installs windows for:

New corporate headquarters


Internal glazed office partitions

Windows  for multi-residential developments

Private homes

And many more!






Below you will find product information and specifications for some of our most popular commercial window and door systems:

Commercial Window Specifications

Sliding windows View-Max Commercial Windows - Sliding & Double Hung Windows

Awning and Casement Windows

Top Hung Awning Window Louvres & Solar Control

Commercial, high end residential and multi-unit developments

Testing results to Australian Standards including Nata Wind & Water Penetration, WERS Certification and Acoustic Ratings can be provided in Test Data manual

Aluminium Framing Specifications

101.6mm & 150mm centre pocket glaze

101.6mm & 150mm centre pocket double glazed

100mm & 150mm flush glazed

101.6mm & 150mm flush double glazed

Air-flo louvre & fixed louvre

Partitioning system

Wardrobe system

Our Glass Produces

Glass in Paradise has glass for any project that you may have! With such a wide selection, you can be assured that we have the product to match your desired end result. When you schedule an appointment with Glass in Paradise, our experts will go over your project with you and then assist you with picking the right type of glass. Common glass types include:

Clear glass

Reflective glass

Toughened glass

Laminated glass

Painted glass

Climate control

Noise control

Energy efficient glass

Acid etched

Frosted glass

We will also provide you with performance data and technical support to help you make an informed decision before starting your project.

Window Styles for Commercial and Residential Projects

Glass in Paradise produces and installs a variety of standard aluminium windows for commercial and residential projects. In addition to common types of windows, we also specialise in custom fabrication and installation. Common window types include:

Sliding windows

Casement windows

High rise windows

Interior partition windows

When constructing or remodeling a commercial or residential project, windows not only protect the interior structure from the elements, but they also serve function and add beauty to the building or residence. Windows that are improperly placed or that do not match the architectural design of the building or residence can take away from the project. By working with Glass in Paradise, we take all factors of your project into consideration to ensure that your windows not only function as they should, but that they also add visual appeal.

Commercial and Residential Window Weather Considerations

Weather conditions can vary greatly throughout Queensland and due to this, windows are often exposed to harsh environmental elements. As a business living and working in the local area, we fully understand how important it is to have commercial windows and doors that will stand the test of time against the elements. All of our window and door products are fabricated and tested against the weather. We also work with each of our clients to choose the best type and style of windows and doors to ensure that they are the best fit given the weather conditions and other environmental factors. As noted, all of our testing is readily available to clients.

Commercial and Residential Window Frequently Asked Questions

A: Yes, please see our gallery page for several examples and additional examples will be provided upon request.

A: Yes! Glass in Paradise not only produces our windows, but we also offer complete installation services. By working with one company, you can save yourself or your business time and money.

A: Yes – our insurance details are listed on our website and can also be provided to you during your appointment.

A: At Glass in Paradise, we know that no two projects are alike. Glass in Paradise works on commercial windows projects both large and small.

One Company – One Process

At Glass in Paradise, you work with one company during your commercial or residential window or door project. Rather than waiting a long period of time for a quote or a meeting with a national company, the experts at Glass in Paradise guide you through the process in a time efficient manner, while adhering to your commercial design dreams and your budget. By working with one company, you have one point of contact, which enables you to save both time and money on your glass project.

From high end high rise projects to residential apartments or small shopfronts, each client of Glass in Paradise receives the same high quality level of service. Locally owned and operated, we are able to provide you with examples of other projects that we have worked on in the local area. More than likely, you’ve already walked or driven by one or more of our commercial window projects already!

For all of your commercial or residential window projects, contact Glass in Paradise today. You can easily use our online contact form or give us a call with the questions that you may have or to get started on your project.